What Is FoolProof?

FoolProof is a suite of web-driven programs that use true consumer advocacy to differentiate your credit union from other financial institutions. All of our programs start at your credit union’s homepage.

Our programs help your members and their children “Safely Navigate the Free Enterprise system”—the FoolProof mission. We teach much more than financial literacy: we are a constant, long-term, real-time advocate for the financial welfare of your members, and you become the face and voice of that advocacy.

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Unique Programs, Aimed at Different Constituencies

What we provide you:


Seven separate, web-driven consumer programs and accompanying marketing tools for consumers of all ages. Each program will be customized and branded to your credit union. Videos, articles and news items can be created so they can go along your marketing calendar.


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Integration Options

We shape our programs to support your objectives and marketing initiatives. You can give us your marketing agenda and we can provide you videos, articles and other helpful tools to go along these initiatives.


Then, we analyze your website, every inch of it. We then provide you links to specific FoolProof articles, videos, podcasts or guides that relate to each topic on your website. Your members see the integrity of this process: at every turn, you’re offering them real consumer advice.


And in addition, you get:

Interactive & Video-Driven

FoolProof programs are filled with peer-to-peer educational videos, created by our full time video crew. Below are a few video examples from within our various educational programs.

A Brief Overview:

FoolProof Consumer Resource Guide

Is your consumer education and marketing team looking for consumer resources that are exclusive to your credit union, interactive, and geared to all your audiences, from teenagers to retirees? If so, check out how we integrated or set up our programs at our credit union partners by digging into our (printable) resource guide:

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Want to know more about the FoolProof Custom Program? Contact us by phone (202) 360-4512 or email info@foolproofhq.com. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


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